Introducing: The Summer Basics Recipe Series

What to expect from Courtney’s new series on summertime staples worth making from scratch.

If you’re anything like me, you crave fresh, simple eats in the summer — the kind of stuff that’s perfect for enjoying al fresco or plating up at a pool party. For me, that means food like grilled meats slathered in delicious marinades, veggies gently charred to perfection, caprese salad drizzled with pesto or an ice cold lemonade.

Maybe you’re used to buying this sort of thing in the grocery store. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with cutting corners and saving time in the kitchen. But come summertime, the livin’ is a little bit easier. Farmers markets and grocery stores are overflowing with fruits and veggies at their very best. Why not slow down and spend a little extra time appreciating nature’s abundance and cooking from scratch?

That’s what I hope to bring you with my new series, Summer Basics, which I’ll be rolling out in the weeks to come here on Feed the Soul Blog. The first post will launch this week with my recipe for zesty, restaurant-style homemade roasted tomatillo salsa verde. My recipe for the best baked tortilla chips ever will be following shortly, and I’m also planning on fine-tuning one of my favorite barbecue sauce recipes to share with you all.

So here’s where you come in. I’ve got some ideas, but I would love to know if there’s anything you’d like to learn to do through the Summer Basics series.

Any seasonal classics that you’d love to learn? Got a recipe that you’ve always wanted to try making from scratch? If so, don’t be a stranger…

I hope you and your family are happy, healthy and looking forward to a summer that more closely resembles normal, whatever that means these days. I know I’ve got a long to-do list!

Sending lots of love,


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