About Me

I hope you’ll find recipes here that are intriguing but approachable. I try to keep it healthy (or healthy-ish ? ) but never boring.

Cooking delicious meals has been a lifelong endeavor of mine! I was raised in Southern California, moved to Honolulu, then flew back across the Pacific to Northern California, where I currently live. I’ve been fortunate to experience some incredible eats in all of these places, so you’ll find recipes here that reflect that diversity.

I’m a 25-year-old writer-by-day, home cook-by-night with a love for farmers markets and enjoying seasonal, local ingredients. I work full-time then spend my evenings testing recipes in a small, rental apartment kitchen with a wonky oven, and without a garbage disposal or dishwasher. Almost every piece of equipment I own was scored from a thrift store or handed down by relatives.

You don’t need fancy tools or a even lot of disposable income to prepare restaurant-quality meals. Case in point: I really started to learn to cook well when I was living on a tight budget as a college student and recent grad. Necessity is the mother of invention! Whether you’re an expert foodie or beginner home cook, I hope the recipes I share here spark your creativity.

There is nothing I cherish more than time spent in the kitchen and at the table with loved ones. I hope this blog sets the stage for you to create beautiful memories of your own.

I’ve been cooking since day one, but it’s never too late to start!

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